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SportxALL is dedicated to providing underprivileged children in Kolkata and Howrah with the opportunity to engage in sports and potentially pursue a future in the field. Through our programs, these young athletes learn valuable life skills and the Olympic values, becoming a part of the larger Olympic community.


To continue our mission of bringing sports to all, we have created a booking website where you can reserve a time slot to play your favourite sport. Simply click the "Book Now" button to begin your sports journey.

Proceeds from this booking website are used to support our business and our goal of promoting sports access for all children in West Bengal. As a team of sports enthusiasts, we are committed to using sports for social good, promoting healthy and active lifestyles, and fostering the sporting culture in India.

Meet the Founder

Our persistent founder have devoted their time, effort and money to create this Social business and Section 8 company.


Director & Founder

Rishav Bhowmik

Rishav was always in love with sports. Being selected as the IOC Young Leader of India, he put his effort into creating SportxAll. Being a National level rifle shooter he knows what it means to be dedicated to sports. Along with a degree in Architecture he has been using his skills towards the betterment of this project

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